Some suggestions to choose suitable real estate agent

In Part 1 of the article How to choose a real estate agent in Singapore, Penrose condominium shared with you the importance of choosing a suitable real estate agent and how much commission to pay. In the part of the series article, Penrose condominium will share some suggestions to choose suitable real estate agent.

Good reputation real estate agent

Chat with friends who have experience in buying or selling a house or renting a house, and ask them to introduce a real estate agent with professional ethics and ability. In addition, this is discussed in some online forums and blogs. Through these channels, even if you cannot find the ideal real estate agent, you can at least avoid the agents with bad reviews.

Be aware of the scope of work and be willing to go extra mile for clients

Generally, you should have at least two or three contacts with a real estate agent before deciding the candidate, whether it is meeting, calling or messaging. From the conversation, you can find out if the other party knows the process of renting or buying and selling, and what will they do for you. In addition, despite of no obligation, some real estate agents don’t mind driving by car, and will provide many value-added services, such as price comparison of properties and marketing strategies, which make you feel attentive.

Protect the interests of clients

Although clients may not necessarily be right, a good real estate agent will consider from clients’ perspective, or at least they can show a willingness to listen. For example, when real estate prices are in a downward cycle, real estate agents are not urging you to sell your property quickly, but to fight for the best price for you. For real estate agent, his responsibility usually ends after the sale or purchase agreement or lease is signed, and it is in their benefits to complete the transaction as soon as possible. Therefore, a real estate agent who is willing to take the time to fight for your benefits is especially valuable.

Ability to negotiate

Good real estate agents will not complete transactions for the purpose of completing transactions as soon as possible. Instead, a good agent will give full play to the ability to negotiate.

Self-driven real estate agent

A good real estate agent won’t wait for you to ask or chase the status update.  The agent should be largely self-driven to figure out the next steps, the timing, or any unforeseen issues.

By saing all the above, you can always contact Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) for anything unsure.

At the end, Penrose condominium wish you will be able to find a suitable real estate agent. Await you to visit Penrose condo showflat,where you can get direct developer Penrose condo price and thorough explanation about the site plan and floor plan.